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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Phases of development lesbian

Source: Lesbians are from another planet Speaking on stage by passing a lesbian in life.

Level 10 "stark reality":
one day you lift and you realize that you're lesbian. You may have had an erotic dream - you have happy holiday. It may simply be a mystical revelation. Or you can until you're the "ovaries" from "autodeceive." The fact is that for the first time you say to yourself: "I am a lesbian." Congratulations, welcome to chaos. The degree of suffering: 7

Level 20 "what is beautiful love":
is when you realize that you are heterosexual love with your friend. Do not tell you, but you do not mind: you want and you want with that time spent together talking about nonsense. The fact that you want to stick tongue until the bell does not have to be a drawback. You're a lesbian naive and happy. The degree of suffering: 3

Level 30 "the heart parties":
your friend no longer talks about heterosexual nonsense… you just talk about John. Now is where John brings a movie (for touching the breasts), is now with John who gives long walks on the beach (for touching the breasts), John is now who will drunk a lot (for touching the breasts). John hated him and wish death. The degree of suffering: 9

Level 40 "affirmation of identity":
you can not with life and decides to tell the most intimate. Gradually you realize that this is not the end of the world and what accounts to your siblings, your cousins, your parents… There comes a time when the accounts to anyone who wants earing (tired time, People are fed up earing). Go for the first time the expression of gay pride with a T-shirt with the slogan "roll up the bun." Less naive and not so happy, but you can carry. John has left your ex-girlfriend, who is running to mourn on your shoulder. The send to fry asparagus. The degree of suffering: 2

Level 50 "I am not alone in the world":
you need to know that others come from your planet. You get addicted to the Internet and chat lesbians. You know many girls and you realize that they are all fatal head. You have your first Rollet with an unknown and you leave the heart 3 times per week. you have a drink and a bad life. The degree of suffering: 5

Level 60 "putón verbenero/promiscuous":
means you're tired of being the virgin chueca and carry more than one year without take a sex. You lees with anyone who will pay (unfortunately, there are few volunteers). Erogenous Zone You learn that you did not know existed or that. Still drunk from Friday to Sunday. Do not deceive, you spend it well but you're not happy. The degree of suffering: 4

Level 70 "already come":
you get tired of sex with strangers. You need love and stability in your life. You start to stay sober and come back to your habits of phase 2, when you were naive and happy. You have innocent little less shame, but you're already adapted. Your friends will cheer on the first Monday to get to class or work without a Love-bite on the neck. Your life is relatively normal. The degree of suffering: 1

Level 80 "had to happen":
suddenly, the find. You fall in love losting. She falls in love with you (at first you do not think so, but it is well). Live happily ever after. The degree of suffering: 0

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