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Saturday, June 7, 2008


L Word no doubt is the most representative series of television of the lesbian world, to obtained to break wrong stereotypes that the society had with regard to our community and to be able to show with total naturalness the life, problems, doubts, dreads, rejections, loves and dislikes of a group of lesbian women who live in L.A.

L Word with his 5 seasons, and to the wait of 6 and last : (, diffusion of the series has turned into a world phenomenon and an icóno for the lesbian community into the whole planet, this in spite of small out of USA due to the taboo and to the sad still existing homophobia into our society. The television chains do not express this series or do it in private channels and to schedules impossible to see and without any continuity in the chapters. A total lack of respect for our favorite series.

But as always the inhabitants of our planet orbitamos in a parallel world and her we spread in our society top and full of color :) giving him the value that is deserved using of youtube, Internet, forums and chats, and being knowledge of everything on L word.

Here in Lesplanet will try of having the last news and everything what wants to be known on our favorite series and the actresses (that they have turned into platonic loves of half a planet, including me to my certainly).

Welcome girls to THE L WORD.

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