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Saturday, June 7, 2008


The first chapter begins with the arrival of Kim who have recently moved along with his family to the city of Brighton. The first chapter introduces us to an adolescent teenager (Kim), which begins to be attracted to his new best friend: Sugar, a girl "bad", wild, sexy, exciting and apparently heterosexual. Sugar has put Kim's world upside down.

Kim is tired of having to see Sugar dating guys in front of their noses, so we decided to try the boys as well, and knows that the decorator contract his mother a boy atletico handsome, and decides to ask for help Sugar to help, but surprises his mother Stella, in a very compromised position with the decorator at the kitchen table ...

We also know to Tom's son gay neighbors who is a fan of Kim.

Kim is tired of having to shut up and see how sugar lie down with all the guys he wants and that also does not have the courage to tell his father that his mother was unfaithful.

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