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Saturday, June 7, 2008



JENNIFER BEALS is the sexy, incredible, sophisticated, beautiful, I said sexy? SEXY, Bette Porter. Bette is a strong woman, lover of art, she likes always had control(more than anything else in the first two seasons), then much has softened his character and is now (in this fifth season) is so sweet.

Tina has the perfect match, wore boards at the start of the series 8 years, are made for one another, kindred spirits, with their problems as all couples have a daughter named Angel and have passed along these all 5 seasons for the unimaginable (which I will not know that counting) since infidelities (Bette ayyy that bad taste and goals leg), until changes sidewalk by Tina, lawyers, failed abduction, depressions, beers and Chinese meals , Failed attempt at reconciliation with Tina (but does not work because Tina in the fund will not forgive infidelity) lost job, death of his father, transient relationships and unimportant (Jodi I'm sorry for what you touch) while trying to Bette functioning relationship with Jodi that is a strong independent woman who does not like that control and that makes Bette change much and accept many things, the end does not work, because discovers that the only woman who has really loved it and Tina Finally, be together again in this season 5 (Thanks to God...) more in love than ever and hopefully continue until the end of the series.

LAUREL HOLLOMAN as Tina Kennard, the incredible perfect match for Bette, she is very sweet, at the beginning of the series was a bit in the shadow of Bette (and stamina) but after the break, grew, it became strong, independent , and motherhood him sat like a dream, this most beautiful and most sexy now.

She has gone through many things, from an abortion, infidelity (and bad taste) from Bette, lead single motherhood, (which looks Bette not realize that she was pregnant the last straw), trying to come back with Bette without even forgiven, dump its defiance and resentment there, change his sidewalk (more on that defiance by taste), then return to our sidewalk, having rolls unimportant, until realizing that still loves Bette, who has always loved and that is the love of his life, and finally at the end of the season 5 again be a family again.

LEISHA HAILEY is our beloved Alice Piezeky, bisexual declared in the first season, as our beloved Dana would not be decided between the penis or vagina, in the following seasons more resolute and finally to the vagina, (but go to bed with a guy lesbian, if they have read it correctly guy lesbian) discovers that this love with his great friend Dana, and I discovered when Tonya Dana decides to marry (a woman unbearable) but that is another story.
Turning to Alice, to discover that this love with Dana will plant a kiss at the end of the season 1, then he realizes that Dana loves Alice (or so it seemed), and are together exactly 6 chapters that is when Dana leaves by Lara. In this moment Alice falls into a deep depression, trying to forget Dana, (but I think we never did) Car between persecutions, harassment, and girls go out with vampires, his life becomes somewhat confusing. Until Dana sick (and Alice becomes the greatest support of Dana (as the adorable Lara was eventually to Paris, leaving his girlfriend ill with cancer ... alone). Then Dana dies: (we miss you Danaaa ).

And Alice prosecute her life (apparently) and meets Tasha, a "little soldier" this in the closet that is somewhat grumpy with which have achieved a relationship until 5 in this season to throw Tasha army and Alice is not clear her feelings toward her. To see that awaits us at 6 this season because Alice is a whole box of surprises.

KATHERINE MOENNIG as Shane McCutcheon, the vast heartbreaker's L word, no girl in L. A with which Shane was not lying now, fleeing the serious relationships, live life in its own way with their rules, not involving more than anyone has, but comes to getting involved with Sheri Jaffi (Roxanne Arquette) a woman Married something bigger than Shane, and which surprisingly feels something more than the others, but it turns out that Sheri does not want anything serious with it (a hard blow to Shane), Sheri decided after more than ever not get involved with anyone or have nothing serious and that love never stinks.
Until .... knows Carmen de la Pica Morales (oh my god ...) and has something with it, but gradually discovers that she likes most of the account (and who is not?), and tries to waylay Carmen on your side , Carmen a little confusing trying to approach Shane but eventually move away from it and go out with Jenny. Jenny is not stupid she realizes that between those two (Carmen and Shane) there is something very very strong but not accept it and departed at the end as expected and finally end up together eternal unrelationships, falls in love and gets involved in a serious relationship, (the only relationship that really has taken these 5 seasons), Shane asks marriage to Carmen 3 at the end of the season and leaves at the wedding, because (the truth because I do not understand, who is That happens) to meet his father discovers that it is infidel and thinks she is like him, and is afraid to fail Carmen and leaves. (we must see the logic elementary).
Then after Carmen has no serious relationship with anyone else, comes with Paige in which he is unfaithful (this reacts worse than the others because it burns hairdressing), then 5 in the season leaves with a girl Molly "heterosexual" to which succeeds in moving from sidewalk, but also leaves, and top it off with Nicky has a roll of the girl who love this Jenny until then best friend Shane, since the finds at this action and keeps a blow (is that Shane can not have pants clasped). We will look ahead at 6 this season, they say Carmen again, I hope to route to Shane and finally achieve that balance and stabilize their lives.

MIA KISHNER as Jenny Shecter, this girl starts being heterosexual, moves to LA with her boyfriend, but is fantastic with Marina, which makes switching sidewalk (and who is not doing change of sidewalk that woman is divine .... , Was hurt only one season), the fact is that breaks with her boyfriend since the surprise doing things .... (and things go...)
Then he is the head and begins with a roll psychological, as if you have multiple personalities, it begins to make cuts and disappears to go to a psychiatric where time heals and then back better than ever, we gives the girl for writing a book entitled Lez Girls with stories of her friends (L Word's girls), I forgot to mention that this is a frustrated writer, the case is that it's a multimillionaire producer who wants to do this as film and book that she directs, it becomes completely unbearable in the fifth season, only next to him is Shane its everlasting friend, according passes the season they will happening and things are soft, even love, and has a relationship with the protagonist of the film (a girl Niky more than sexy ...), but finally everything is just break and the wind this season with Shane Nicky (with whom he was going to be or not, this girl has a vice .)
The Jenny surprised him and breaks the heart, besides his assistant blackmails to study something with a video uploaded tone and the lack of its own movie, this makes reconcile with all the L Word's girls that support the view so bad that what is happening. To see how ending with the last season, will be something worth seeing.

RACHEL SHELLEY as Helena Peabody, which can be said about this character, appeared as a rich girl with all the privileges and just in jail, passing through several pairs, the most important Dylan, a director of short term but not well, your mother We remove the privileges of rich girl, who had sought life, sharing with floor broker and the truth is that his character has grown much during the five seasons. My girl loves Helena Peabody, said it was by far the most beautiful of all (to taste clear that ... I'm staying with Jennifer Beals, much more sexy, which ends ...).

PAM GRIER as Kit Porter, sister of Bette Porter by father, ex-alcoholic and ex-drug addict, has a son who seems to neglect that for his career and his hobby to drugs and alcohol, now begins a rehabilitated new life near the girls L, takes up the relationship with younger sister Bette, The Planet purchase the coffee shop where they meet all our girls and spend more than an adventure.
It has several romances with men the most important with the babysitter of angels, a boy musician several years lower than it was ending the relationship of infidelity by a guy (who even has a novelty ...), affair with Eva Torres (Papi ) In full drunk. It is the perfect and adored aunt of Angelica.

DANIELA SEA as Max Sweeny, there is not much to count on this character, it's like filling, as it does not add much to the series, is a girl who wants to be a boy and tells his transformation, and the feelings and problems facing a transsexual, but really little else can we say about this character, has been completely stalled in the series.

The remaining girls L, are characters who are not kept in the series since the beginning, temporary characters are going back and forth, that there will not highlight here. We will make another entry with the most important minor characters and their relationships with the main characters.

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