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Saturday, June 7, 2008


If we talk about series with lesbian themes we have to go back UP ufff those who opened step by including in their stories lesbian characters passengers, such as Buffy Vampire Slayer, with the characters of Willow and Tara (great partner), I still remember the joy that I Willlow see when he changed sidewalk and formed a great partnership with Tara, and could see it on TV (woowww).
Also when Xena the warrior princess was very affectionate with his faithful companion Gabriel and "friendship" that had deeper including all imagined be viewed with a super kiss and show up as official partner, the series was not done by openly lesbian executives and by that time, but Lucy Lawless (Xena) said on the occasion of the last chapter "my character left the closet. We also have to Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER who falls in love with a paramedic Sandy Lopez, with whom he has a son, then she dies (realize that lesbian couples always kill the screenwriters?) And want to remove the child, a sad story.

Tara and Willow a couple magic

The unforgettable and waiting kiss between Willow and Tara

Gabrielle and Shen only "friends", is this a kiss between friends?

She makes the mouth of mouth are not confused ...

Dra. Kerry Weaver and Sandy Lopez (ER), when everything was happiness.

After already spent a series with characters more transcendent and even starring as is the case with Ellen DeGeneres that with his show and his departure publicly from cabinet was one of the most outstanding outings in living memory. April 1997.

DeGeneres triumphs with the series' Ellen ', one of the most popular sitcom on ABC. Suddenly, one of the episodes, his character (and herself) reveals his true sexual identity before Oprah Winfrey, who made his therapist: "I'm a lesbian, an Aquarian, and a vegetarian." managed to achieve so a turning point for the series with thematic lesbian.

The fabulous Ellen DeGeneres ...

South of Nowhere

This series is broadcast on American television network The N. Traffic issues such as religion, racism and homosexuality, and takes place in the city of Los Angeles.La family of Spencer (left) moves from Ohio to LA, where he met Ashley (right). They are known and emerging friendship between them a very "special". It is very interesting as the plot evolves any reactions including families, jealousy, fears... Goes 2 and a half seasons, is expected to continue around the 3 rd in February 2008.Totally recommended.

If you have not been able or did not know the number, they summarize (Spoliers) changing seasons very briefly: In the 1 st season surge and are known among them a great friendship, Ashley is openly homosexual, or bisexual. And Spencer, who arrives at new institute, becomes very friendly and she will discover something that probably already had felt before.

In the 2 nd season. In the last chapter of the first season Spashley (as they are known in the network) is had sex for the first time after many stories. At the start of the second is the continuation of that day morning.

And all along maintained by the season end a relationship of love rather complicated by their environment, and indecisions. The first half emitted from the 3 rd season begins with them and with several separate misfortunes due at the end of the previous season: there was a firefight at the end of the dance course in which killed a brother of Spencer, Clay. And because in the same dance, Ashley and her former boyfriend Aiden appeared to be linked too. For these reasons at the beginning of this season the relationship between them distance themselves, but as you can see in the video of previous post, in the last episode of the first half return!

She's Spencer

And she's Ashley

and that the roll that exists between them


In this series there are a lesbian couple constant, Lindsay and Melanie them has a long relationship, living together, have a son in the first season and later have a daughter, are a clear demonstration of a family with two moms, too there are some lesbian characters possible.

It deals mainly with the stories of gay boys. It is the forerunner in this type of series in U.S. production and is the step that opened for The L word could be accomplished.

The sweet Melanie and Lindsay with her baby

Ohhh they are so sweet...

The O.C. Second Season (With a lesbian couple)

This is the second season of the series Orange Country or better known as OC, in which the stories revolve around a young Bryan who is adopted by a wealthy family living in a place called exactly OL, portrays the problems and trouble adapt to their new life and lifestyle, has a brother who always help the adoptive ..
In this season specifically, the former girlfriend of Ryan, Marissa (Mischa Barton "Mouse" Lost and Delirious or the last sigh) meet a fascinating girl named Alex who works in a local bar and have an intense and passionate romance! (Lesplanet soon be here in this story)

The Moment awaited kiss between Marissa and Alex

And as top is not seen Alex, have it here, admire her .......

Sugar Rush

The everyday life of a virgin she has fifteen years, frustrated and lesbian: this is a series about adolescence and sexuality in the twenty-first century. Bold and acidic, Sugar Rush follows the life of Kim, a couple of fifteen years who moves to the south of England and falls in love deeply Sugar, her best friend, a very beautiful girl and quite promiscuous.
Far from the stereotypes that often plague the series for adolescents, Sugar Rush openly portrays how Kim and his friends are faced with the discovery of sex, love, to drugs, or the lies and obsessions surrounding personal relationships. (Soon will see it here in Lesplanet).

Kim contemplating a Sugar (ay!!! the love...)


This is a comedy that has been launched recently where according to his definition will teach us that: There are some rules that one must follow to survive a lesbian relationship.

I saw the first chapter and I define as "friends" of the lesbian community. It is a series where you are going to laughing until you get tired and the dialogues I have seemed very acute. Always give the nail in with what the rules lesbian OHS & exes tells the story of Jennifer (Michelle Paradise) than for most extra points is openly lesbian) a director of documentaries that what you're looking for all of us that is the right girl.

Of course has the help of her friends Sam (Marnie Alton) who was the first love of Jennifer but now lives his life without any commitment crazy. Cris (Megan Cavanagh) and Kris (Angela Featherstone) who are the owners of a pet store (which I laughed with these two) and finally Crutch (Heather Matarazzo) who is also openly lesbian and whom we saw in the 4 L word season as the evil that Stacy Merkin journalist who makes an interview with Jenny and then writes which gives the wins and Jenny decides to take revenge seducing his girlfriend because the same) whose greatest dream is to be a famous rock star but the style indie-punk. (Soon will see it here in Lesplanet).

The blondes are the Cris's, the red hair Crutch, Jennifer and Sam

Bad Girls

Series of the United Kingdom whose transmission began in 1999. It is environmental in a women's prison located in Larkhall, and presents a series of stories about women prisoners of G Wing. The first season was launched in 1999 and lasted ten episodes. Altogether eight seasons ranging from ten to sixteen chapters per season. This realistic drama and social touches, as main characters are two women amid the cloudy picture of prison they fall in love. Also appearing several secondary lesbian and bisexual characters in the course of his eight seasons. (Soon will see it here in Lesplanet).

A story of love behind bars


After watching the first episode is the feeling that the series is a blend of several. It was something like this: it is as if met in a shaker a little Tell me you love me a touch women desperate and a pinch of Coupling, the result, a number highly additive and fun.

In mistress, the plot is:

Trudi is a widow blond, chubby cheeks of red, with two daughters, who six years ago not to put to bed with anyone. Her husband was in the Twin Towers on September 11 that year and never more wrong it was learned from it. Trudi is almost ready to put an end to grief, but remains paused. In the college of her daughters there is a divorced father that looks fondly, but at the bottom of her heart, she is still waiting to return her husband died.

Katie is a psychiatrist forty years old, unmarried, (which is very beautiful) and has a secret romance with a patient and is quite disturbed with the matter. So much so that not even he has even confessed to her friends. For worse, her lover / patient has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and she is ready to help him die with dignity. His life at the start of the series, looks very much like a love story, madness and death.

Jessica is the youngest of the four. You may have some thirty-two years and is unmarried as a bell. It works in a company that organizes parties and go to bed with everything that walks. At the time that begins the series, is having an adventure with her married boss. It features very funy and Hindus and is very liberal. You are about to meet someone who makes you rethink a lifetime of debauchery and festivals quilt.
She still does not know. And lastly is Siobhan, a lawyer married to a husband who is a jewely, that loves, which makes food, and that the other three friends watch as saying: "Oh, what luck that is Siobhan." The couple is seeking a child and still not be successfully resolved.

But both insist, day and night, and also of late. When the adventure begins, Siobhan begins to feel a little tired of that Hari (the husband) looks like a bowl of fertilization. (soon to be here in Lesplanet).

They are Jessica, Katie, Trudi, and Siobhan

3 Way

3 Way begins with the transfer of Siobhan newly divorced and heterosexual, home of her friend Roxie. What was supposed to be a quest for peace and tranquility for Siobhan and overcome their break, will become a whole odyssey. Siobhan will find quite the opposite. And that is having to share living room and bathroom with your friend, and above that amount was also his new bride (Andrea), can be exasperating. And if you add to that occasional visits to the former of your friend (Geri) ... This is the start of the series more hot on the Internet. (Soon will see it here in Lesplanet).

Here I am presenting to Roxi, Siobhan blonde, and right down Geri Andrea

Gimme Sugar

The chain gay MTV logo is finalizing the details of what will be a new reality lesbian online, 'Gimme Sugar'. Its protagonists, five girls, most lesbians, will launch a joint project with the dream of reaching the top.

They are a group of good friends, teenagers and lesbians who have decided to bet strong and unite to realize a dream. Opening a "lesbian bar," Truck Club, in Los Angeles. But there may be a club like any other. It must be the most hot and spicy in the city. With the wishes and desire to succeed, these five girls will give their utmost to achieve its goal. But not everything will be laughter and glory.
Gimme Sugar may be, from June 9. (we will have progress in Lesplanet).

And they are left to right: Bathilde, Davonee, Alex, Charlene, and Robin.

We also have Spanish series, which includes people lésbian order to gain wider audience.


This is a series like ER but to the Spanish cases medical emergencies, accidents, etc. .. always the same, until one day a pediatrician called Maca Fernandez Wilson falls in love with a nurse named Esther Garcia and from there begin a passionate relationship that put all of Spain revolutionized. The story of Esther and Maca has received the full support of the collective leadership that has been turned in this relationship.

Came home in 10 season in the series, have 2 sons and everything went very well, with its high and low across as a couple, until he went through a bad streak and just then enters the scene psquiatra Veronica Solé and everything is complicated, it becomes the apex of a love triangle, Veronica Maca meet in the middle of the sentimental crisis pediatrician and soon emerge among them a great attraction that will take them to start an adventure.

According to Maca, the difficult situation because you feel under much pressure by the turn which has seen its relationship with Esther for her new motherhood. (I sounds something this excuse, Bette Porter perhaps?)

Maca and Veronica sees in a different way of coping with life, more open, happier, freer and less dramatic. deceives Esther, who is aware and ends with her, but at the end of the season came 14 Maca home of Esther by children and ended with her make love cause for euphoria for all the fans who thought the couple in a reconciliation.

But in the first chapter of this season Maca 15 has decided that whoever wants to be really is Veronica and requested it be to live together.

Maca wants to start from scratch and without telling lies so I decided to see what lay with Esther (in a burst of sincerity) that if promising that will never happen. And they are things that will happen throughout this season. (soon will have here in Lesplanet, what's new in this story and also in English).

The love triangle Veronica, Esther and Maca.

Paco's mens
Following the series with Spanish, we have to Paco's mens counts cases police and the adventures of a group of police led by Paco, in a style that mixes action, comedy and drama, the series is not bad, (the Typical male series), until this new season starts in a couple lesplanet, Pepa and Silvia.

Pepa is police, sister of Paco and lesbian, heterosexual falls in love with Silvia, forensic investigation, which resists fall in love with Pepa and tries to hide herself feelings that have, until one day can not carry more and left so it feels for Pepa and begin a relationship.

Here is contemplating Silvia to Pepa

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