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Sunday, June 8, 2008

A new study on homosexuality and family

New Dutch study has concluded that children raised in a family consisting of two lesbians are not affected their welfare. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam worked with 100 families and 100 heterosexual lesbian couples with children whose age range was from 4 to 8 years and who had been reared by the couple since birth.

The study showed that children of lesbian couples remain the same parameters that children of heterosexual couples but have found intriguing differences with parents. Lesbians have a greater level of satisfaction (compared to heterosexual mothers) when it comes to assessing the skills of their partners in terms of caring for his son is concerned. They also have a significantly greater desire to have children as heterosexual couples. Finally (and although the majority it sounds contradictory lesbian stereotypes we see daily in the media) lesbians tend to spend more time with their children at home rather than work outside.

The results of the dutch study are identical to those that have been conducted in the USA… healthy children grow into loving families, regardless of whether you are comprised of two mothers, or a mother and a father.

In Spain also has conducted a thorough study on the subject that has resulted in the same conclusions. Maria del Mar Rodriguez Gonzalez conducted a study on child and adolescent development in 23 families whose results included homoparents (apart from what has already been discussed) that children of homosexual couples are developed with more positive values such as "greater tolerance, more flexibility in gender roles and greater acceptance of homosexuality.

Further evidence that what matters is the love and affection with which to educate your child, and that encourages us to exercise our fears without motherhood.

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