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Sunday, June 8, 2008

As registered in the forum

1 .- When we entered the forum whose address is http://www.lesplanet.mundoforo.com/, and we see the next screen, pressing the prime choice, "I agree with the following terms and conditions and I have more or equal of 13aƱos "and proceed to the next screen.

2 .- screen to enter registration information, fill it in the appropriate fields, it is only complicated the issue of postcode, if you are from outside Spain, select your country and you do not need to put the postcode is not mandatory if your country is not Spain. You can also choose the language in which you want to log screen appears.

3 .- Once filled all fields as we see below will appear another message that our account has already been created as we see below.

4 .- Will our mail and activate the account, just by clicking the link that we have sent in the mail will have completed the registration and we can access the forum.

5 .- Once activated the account back to the forum and press the button to connect, we saldra the next screen, she introduced the data provided by us as a username and password.

6 .- Finally we chose the forum where we say and we click or respond or create topic and ready, we can participate in the forum as we see in the last screen.

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