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Sunday, June 8, 2008

You liked a Heterolandia women ?

As forget this situation, Jenny heterosexual, fearful, confused, being cornered by the spectacular Navy in the bathroom, who not to bring up to bed and change of sidewalk.

Well Marina does not cost much because Jenny also liked Marina (and I wonder who noooooo?).

But not all run the same fate often look at a woman hetero is a real ordeal and a headache for the inhabitants of our planet. It is common for a woman heterolandia sole afraid of lesbians, we are seen as a kind of harassment, rapists, the first occasion that will put him hand and abusing them, or walk behind, trying to force them to not have sex consented. (ehhhhh, this is the behavior of a psychopath, not a lesbian:)

But there are hetero women who are not so prejudiced - fortunately! - And are "gayfriendly." But why not cease to be hetero, or to tolerate lesbians but not wind with them. (always remember this "NOT WITH THEM Coils") Such women usually feel very flattered that a lesbian falls in love with them, but do not know how to handle this situation. They like being the center of attention, that the lesbian only look to it, get jealous if you look at someone else, or if someone you about. They want you're not yet there and try to know you do or who you are.

They develop a sense of belonging, you are the only toy and it (but if you're very close, are running scared and leave because misinterpreted his friendship). Given all this demonstration, the lesbian who thinks the hetero has been in love with her. Nothing more wrong. (AS hetero as a woman, never and say you'll never have sex with another woman ...). It happens that a lesbian and a heterosexual, process these things differently.

The hetero you seen simply as a friend more (perhaps her best friend ...). It feels tremendously flattery as a woman that you love so begins to be so possessive (and to cap it all, we are always ready, because we are in love and always think that sexual orientation can be changed by us ...). It is very exciting for her, probably the biggest adventure of his life having a lesbian love behind it and not want to lose anything in the world (clear until you find your ideal guy and we shelved ...) .

It's like a fun staff, so we entertains flirting, provoking, seductive becoming nothing more fun for her to have another woman at his feet. But as heterosexual that is, their need are the men and their sexual instincts go to that side, so the only game and flirting with the lesbian is more than enough, you do not need anything more than that. She is not aware (or if ...) that it arouses sexual desire to lesbian because it is not accustomed to feel those things by another woman.
All this game because it makes it fun, but without intent to harm (though it does so unintentionally). Meanwhile the lesbian is serious about tooooodo the flirting and playing.

You can not understand why the other one day he shows jealousy and ignores the other day. One day is sympathetic and another day is odious. It breaks your head trying to decipher whether hetero sees as a friend or as something else, because their attitudes are totally ambiguous. This is so that the lesbian is totally accustomed to the romantic feelings among women, and processes all the attitudes that have to hetero with her, as if they came from another lesbian (big mistake ...).And that is why so many hearts broken and disillusioned.

The misunderstand everything and create as if it were true (always take into account that our platonic love is a heterosexual woman and there is no way to change that ... of course there are always exceptions). But often these stories end well, and there are many cases of girls hetero who fall in love with a lesbian couple and put into it, because they liked his personality or what is special and fall in love with the person, beyond the genre is that (these women usually do not dislike the idea of having something with a woman and always thought so ...). But unlike the lesbian, when the relationship ends hetero always returns to men, while the lesbian seek another woman.

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