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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bad Girls

In 1999 it premiered in England Bad Girls, a television series on Larkhall, a female prison, which appeared lesbianas. Soon became the most popular series in England. The first season saw the 7 million English, for the premiere of the second was a series of worship.

After successfully size, was issued in many countries, always with some impressive levels of hearing. Bad Girls is arguably the best love story ever told among women in film or television. The script is very good, the characters are perfectly sized and full of nuances, always evolving. In addition, the chemistry between the pair of girls is amazing and this despite the fact that both actresses are heterosexual.

The main plot of the first three seasons, is the living Nikki Wade (Mandana Jones) and Helen Stewart (Simmone Lahbib). This is an impossible love story, as Helen is the new head of the prison, ostensibly heterosexual, and Nikki is a lesbian prisoner with a lengthy sentence for murdering a policeman who tried to rape his girlfriend.

The prison is prohibited workers have relations with prisoners and Helen does not want, nor can break the rules, which will hardly be able to graze creating a tension-filled sex kisses furtive glances and very powerful.

Bad Girls consists of 8 seasons, was canceled in 2006, but the story that interests us only runs for the first 3. After lesbians continue to emerge in the first three are not alone-but these stories do not have the strength of the fabric between Nikki and Helen.

Both Mandana Jones as Simone Lahbib have said repeatedly that if the producers of Bad Girls were interested in continuing the story of Nikki and Helen outside the prison, both would be willing to resume their roles as long as the script had the same level as the original there are legions of fans of the series waiting to happen. Bad Girls is a series imperative view, for which have not yet seen it recommended, which is excellent.

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