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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leisha Hailey captain officer Olivia.com

Our beloved Leisha Hailey is the new face of Olivia.com. Leisha Hailey, known throughout lesplanética as Alice from "The L Word" and one of the components of successful rock duo Uh Huh Her, and I think we have not located? .Well Leisha achieves a new impetus in his career and driven.

It has come to an agreement with the largest travel company lesbian on the planet with Olivia.com. Leisha has signed a very juicy contract to be the new face of Olivia, who will image comes in this agency. ads, trade and online media.

Olivia also count on our Leisha Hailey in some of their vacation packages and entertainment. The company Olivia.com expect to obtain an image more fun, accessible and thus able to reach more people in this our Lesplanet. "I'm very excited to be part of the family of Olivia and have the opportunity to introduce Olivia to all women who are not familiar with the entertainment or travel agency", "I am thrilled at the opportunity to play a role in expansion and growth of Olivia. " Leisha Hailey said.

You know if they want to be closer to Leisha and a holiday with her, Olivia.com is the option.

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