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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dawn Dembo has forgotten her lover Cindy

Hello dear inhabitants of LesPlanet reached my ears to a story about Elizabeth Keener is best known on our planet, Dawn Dembo, seems to have quickly forgotten her lover Cindy and prefers to go out with girls more athletic, strong and abdomen as chocolate tablets as well as Jackie Warner inhabitant official LesPlanet, personal trainer and protagonist of a reality show called Work Out on the television channel Bravo, to tell a little about the show this basically shows how life is like Jackie, training that makes its clients, mostly women hetero Hollywood life in the gym. It seems that there are many heterosexual women in love with Jackie, but Jackie chosen to appear at a girl.

Elizabeth Keener has not openly declared to be a lesbian but he sees much in the elite circle of lesbians of Afterellen joking and doing cameos in some blog's
and series lesbian.

But sometimes things do not need conformation of speech and simply the facts (if not tell it to Lindsay Lohan).

It turns out that this weekend was seen in the company of Jackie Warner in the Gay Pride in West Hollywood LA a very loving attitude, walking hand in hand (and according to one source told me very reliable Ourchart) kissing saw on several occasions in front of more than 175, 000 people attended the Gay Pride.

Again after a night watch was stopped by several local ambience equally romantic that by the day.
So as we see, sometimes the facts is worth a thousand words.

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