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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jennifer Beals run in Vancouver

Hi, dear inhabitants of Lesplenet, count them, not Jennifer Beal ceases to amaze me as well as beautiful, charming, sexy, sexy and moreeeee sexyyyy, (well stop drooling), is an athlete and very disciplined worker.

Jennifer participate in the Running the room Shaugnessey in Vancouver, which is an 8-km marathon, for which it was prepared and trained for several months.

She was 6 th place for over half a hundred participants of the group that it should.He ladies time for nothing less than ... 43:53 minutes, very very impressive and I do not have the courage to calculate the time it would take me to my running 8 km ... uffffffffff 12 hours, maybe? and I'm not sure if it would reach the goal ever.So our incredible Jennifer is in a super fitness, as you can see. Well done babe, so is Jennifer.

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