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Sunday, June 8, 2008

L Word and C.S.I

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, I discovered that L word and CSI have something in common. is neither the subject nor the timetable, nor the target audience, what they have in common are our actresses not have realized that most of the actresses L Word, invite you to participate in a cameo in an episode of CSI, is Las Vegas, Miami or New York? Not to rejoice if the hearing or to climb a little more the audience of CSI with the public on our planet, but the fact is that our girls L, leaving in CSI, as well as we know a girl L (Lauren Lee Smith our Lara) will be a CSI.

The only one that does not come out on video is not Leisha had, but I would put in the picture (this unrecognizable) because it plays a woman with hypertrichosis, a disease that makes you grow body hair exes.

Leisha Hailey told TV Guide: He was itching very much with makeup, as took place two and a half hours every hair on my face. . I just thought it would be interesting for me to make a character completely and totally different from anything else I've done, I found it very interesting.

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