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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The 100 women more sexy, 2008 as Afterellen

Dear Inhabitants of LesPlanet once again readers Afterellen one of the most important Web lesbian women have chosen a more sexy on the planet, the result is very interesting, unlike the lists that make men where only takes into account beauty, which we women are also appreciates style, intelligence, elegance, and the attitude they have in relation to the topic lesbian.

Not all lesbians are, in fact there are many heterosexual women among the first posts due to the roles they have played lesbian. One of the most surprising findings is that this generosity of Ellen over his future wife the most beautiful Portia de Rossi.

As the list of U.S. Women are obviously more famous here than in Europe, leaving many women to divine that triumph in Europe but not in this country, why girls have to make us the most complete list including European women, that there are beautiful.

I hope you enjoy this album of the fifty ranked first on the list, the rest of the list you can see it on the web afterellen.

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