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Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Annabelle" spoke openly about sexuality

Erin Kelly, the actress who plays in the film Annabelle Katherine Brooks all or almost all have seen more than once "Loving Annabelle" talked about sexuality and dijocosas very interesting:

"My view on sexuality is that there is no difference between a man or woman, and I do not see a difference, is just the person who sits in front of yours and the connection you have with that person.

During my love scenes with Diane (in the movie of course) is supposed to'm in love with that person, whether male or female, it does not matter, is the only person that I am seeing, whom I love. " It also says it has never been nor will partner with Diane, who met her husband and has no partner. (in our imagination these two remain partners) It's good that our stay Erin thinks in this way and not have any prejudice or homophobia, and this open to that possibility.

Since LesPlanet, send him a kiss and good luck in their projects :)

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