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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Norway another country where we can marry

Congratulations to the inhabitants of our planet in Norway can now marry and adopt.

Norway becomes the sixth country in the world where gay couples have equal rights as heterosexual couples.

This past Wednesday, the Norwegian Parliament passed a bill that authorizes same-sex marriage, with the vote of 84 deputies, compared with the 41 votes cast against, these figures are very encouraging.

But the thing does not stay there alone, because in the same draft law also allows gay couples to adopt, or even qualifying for assistance in the event that opt for fertilization. (This is dooo it) Besides the Lutheran Church of Norway, a state may recognize gay weddings.

The measure will enter into force later this year or early 2009, was supported by the three parties that form the center-left behind the Government, in addition to the overwhelming support of two opposition parties, the Conservative Party and Liberal Party.

On the contrary, were the Christian-Democrat Party and the populist right. (Sooo are predictable).

So congratulations norwaysssss to hold ..... To live and the girlfriend!

The Norwegian Minister of Finance, Kristina Halvorsen, alongside figures wedding gay marriage, this Wednesday

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