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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sara Shani "If we would turn the lesbian, I would like to be a partner Penelope Cruz and Rachel Weisz"

The magazine The Advocate has interviewed in its latest issue to Sara Shahi better known as our sexy Carmen de la Pica Morales L word and has made some interesting statements as having taken some adventure with the girls.
Speaking on the L word Sarah said:

"The best thing about when I was in the show was definitely that he was representing a group of people who have very little representation on television.
And I felt as proud as I said that the world let them in peace instead of an evil! Gay, heterosexual, how demons who cares?".

"Homosexual couples are no different from heterosexual, sometimes even work better. That was one of the great revelations that got to l word. What is the damned problem? They are like everyone else just let them in peace".

She also stated that there would be no problem in doing so again if the character was correct. And to the question and if the correct character with whom Do you like acting? She said she would like to be that of Penelope Cruz and Rachel Weisz.

She likes the brown definitely our Sara.

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