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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lesbian Gamers: A gaming site just for us

Navigating the Internet look what I found, I like games and also that many (PC, Playstation, Wii, Nintendo, sexually oooppss .. this is another topic).

Well from what we discussed, there is an ideal site called Lesbian Gamers is a site for lesbians that we play these things. You taught all lesbian characters in video games and PC games and some invented, has many articles and links to sites with more interesting games.

In particular the last thing I played was Tomb Raider Aniversary in the Wii (and leave stranded in Peru, struggling with a T-Rex in the valley lost my beloved Lara Croft, Do not worry Lara I`ll go soon to rescue :)

I would if I move very well playing these things, I remove the stress. Spend a page is fun, although I know that many people in Lesplanet not striking but I'm sure that if there's one try:

The recognize? are so sweet ... and there are still more

Which is your favorite?

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