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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson,go to the next level of their relationship

Hello, I bring news of the latest soap opera Lohan-Ronson, it is good that among the rumors that if they are girlfriends, whether or not? That if they got married secretly, because they saw suspicious rings on the fingers of the above, that if a trade agreement to promote the career of Lindsay, etc. ... because all these rumors before Lindsay Lohan says nothing, apparently to the newly released inhabitant of our LesPlanet, he has no care publicly confirm the rumours and continues with his life.

She and her girlfriend (because, ¡C'moonnnn! this crystal clear that masss that are friends, and you need confirmation, insurance is not on our planet because we have Gayradars for these things), well as I said, the two ladies in question are to live together, whether they will take the next step, moving to the next level of the relationship, as published by the New York Post.

Fuente: Pérez Hilton

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