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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leisha Hailey participate in the film "La Cucina"

Leisha Hailey I think we know who is already all but the most confused, we are talking about Alice in The L Word is one of the protagonists of the new tape and Allison Hebble Zed Starkovich called "Cucina".

Even not know the details of the tape but we already know that Leisha interpret a woman pregnant heterosexual fatal because it feels like always thought that his goal in life was to have a child and a good husband and now that is not happy. In their search for answers goes to his neighbor Jude (played by Rachel Hunter) who is a lesbian in a stable relationship but whose girlfriend is always busy.

Quoting the press release: She sought to find answers to Jude and ends with a plate of "ricotta sformato" and with more questions than it ever had. Well the film promises to be outstanding will be interesting to bring the trailer here in LesPlanet. (at the moment a photo of the shooting).

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