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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sharon Stone wants to change his path

Sharon Stone says it wants to be a lesbian, (And I say, is that women get up in the morning and said, look today I will be a lesbian?). The beautiful actress said she was tired of men who behave like women, (with this woman who comes out? even I have not known any man who behaves as a woman and you?), and said he would prefer an affair with a woman male, (Masculine lesbians are in luck ..., for her girls).

Sharon interpreted the role of bisexual in the famous film "Basic Instinct". Perhaps these escenes erotic with his companion had opened the appetite lesbians.

The actress said "everyone is bisexual to some extent.", (that is to say what the motherrrr of my girlfriend ...) "I like masculinity, and in fact, acting now only women with masculinity." "If you have an appointment with a girl they call you and tell you: I'll pick you up at 7, you carry a big place and you can wear anything." (Sharon Stone, the insurance that anyone would even pajamas anywhere ... because we must see this as women with their almost 50 years).

In 2006, lesbian and erotic scenes of Basic Instinct 2 "were cut for being too hot. The actress added, "we did some scenes" menage a trois "with a stunning French actress who was very beautiful and sexy". With its 49 years, Sharon Stone remains the girl who taught us to cross their legs…. (But almost all would have preferred at that time being ... Michael Douglas)

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