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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well in the previous episode left to Jennifer willing to forget completely Sienna, and turn the page and continue with their lives.

So now we find in Beevers selling his latest documentary "The observers of birds" and feels like something is going disappointed of his film career, and make the second part of "The observers of birds II! Not touched anything, it should be cree making documentaries momentous (We also believe it), her friends try to support it and tells Sam to do something you like and reminds him an idea that Jennifer had to make a documentary about sex and Jen corrects him saying that it is the power of women in society and the use and exploitation of their sexuality. (we sex summarizing a movie, that would very much more interesting than the birds).

Crutch have an argument with his mother asking him to do something with your life if you do not forget, and finally the mother will not send you more money and they will have to fix alone. Then we see Sam and Jennifer in a bookstore looking for material for the movie of sex and Sam says that he would like a house but that is uan investment very seriously and is not yet the time, which tells Jenn that time flies, So with this from a year ago that it should do so.

And the house's Cris arrives Cris telling that has seen two friends who are married and own and expect a child and Kris can not believe it because they thought that it would not take anything.
Meanwhile in the bookstore and Sam negrata are in line to pay for the book and a girl talks to Jenn and asks about the book that lead, and Sam said that he will make a film about sex,leave the store and Sam asks Jenn if you have the telephone number of the girl and she said that not only that the girl was being polite not flirt and there we have the rule:

Rule Number 4: "flirting" or "Only Kindness" this rule is not as clear as the others, the question is want to take the risk? Sam makes a deal with Jennifer because sure that the girl flirt, he said that if Jenn is going to request an appointment, she will look for a house and Jenn agrees. The library has another of his hallucinations and asks the girl in front of everyone and aloud whether or not flirt with her? We imagine the face of the girl? and allll the store.
At the end the girl called Kate and yes, she was with her batting eyelashes and Jenn get an appointment.

Crutch is working in the cafe waitress Beevers of a package when it comes to such Caroline Michaels (shhhhhhhhh that she is). The package is his new guitar but not any guitar: the guitar Amy Ray (Indigo Girls).

Sam finds the house of their dreams and perfect investment calls to tell Jen, she believe that is precipitate, and we have the following rule:

Rule No. 5: "The axis Financial"
As lesbian marriage is not legal we do not have profits in taxes, we are not covered by insurance our partner and we have to buy our own marriage rings. So in terms of their financial future girls are alone, so plan according to these circumstances.

But Sam realizes that there is another woman interested in the house, and that it has taken away their noses in closing the deal for more money. The appointment was Jennifer who is in a place kate chose where the waitresses are with the least clothes possible to be seen by men who go to this, Kate thought it would be useful to Jennifer for investigation.

Amid the conversation we learned that Kate is a mother. On the day of adopting pets Jenn tells what Sam's son and tells him that this is a great responsibility and Sam tells him go calmly that was only an appointment. Jennifer sees an old friend and a psychologist Elizabeth Sam puts him above the eye.

We see Sam in an intensive seminar on how to buy a house with which you remove the house (that girl slept with them believe what provided her with knowledge). And at home of Cris's think about all the responsibility they have in finding homes for these pets, and suddenly think they are good mothers and that it's time to have children of truth (not puppies).
The second quote from Jennifer and Kate does not end so well as the first since Jenn tells you is not ready to start a family that is not a good time in your life, Kate understands it, he wishes luck in your film and you said he was invited to the premiere and was fired.

After seeing the chapters do not miss the comments made by Michelle Paradaise in his video blog.

Thanks Novalobito for the edition good work.



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