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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lesbians can no longer be lesbians?

The lesbians seeking to ban the word "lesbian" Some citizens of the island of Lesbos (Greece) are tired of being used the word "lesbian" to refer to homosexual women. Therefore, three lesbians (as is the name: Republic of the island) have gone to court to try to prohibit the use of the term.

According to the plaintiffs, the use of "lesbian" as a woman gay insults the identity of its people and requested that only it can serve as name of Lesbos. "Women homosexuals have every right to define themselves as they wish, but they have no right to seize our national identity", said a president of Lesbos, Ioannis Achlioptas.

It appears that women lesbos is termed lesbians makes uncomfortable situations occur. Also, the islanders determined that "If you are not of Lesbos, you're not a lesbian." For its part, Evangelia Vlami, representative of the Gay and Lesbian Community of Greece, ensures that this ridiculous fears are unfounded. And he adds: "Let's stop playing with words, protests like these are nothing more than prejudice.

The term can be used by both sides without insulting anybody. " The court will consider the case and within about two months, will result. We must not forget that on the island of Lesbos is where the poet was born in Ancient Greece Sappho, whose love poems inspired the term lesbian. This has meant that the island has been for years a mecca for lesbians from around the world. I hope that all those named "Gay" does not decide to also ban the word, because if not, no longer can be expected in this world full of silly prejudices.

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