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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lindsay Lohan makes public her affair

Fuente: 20minutos.es

During recent months the name of ido Lindsay Lohan has joined the controversy, and on this occasion, the 22-year-old actress has decided to make public his homosexuality.

Lohan, which seeks to rebuild his career after a year of personal confusion, was photographed in a very affectionate with another woman at a party in Cannes, as the portal Infobae reported.

The alleged girlfriend called Samantha Ronson and DJ is one of the most famous of the U.S. environment. "They seemed a pair very united, is not worried about the eyes of others, were concentrated in them," one witness told the daily The Sun. "If it is true that being together is a beautiful vision of his love," he said.

According to several publications, apparently Lindsay wears a ring with the initials MR and even there has been speculation with a wedding between the two.

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