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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Each one of every four girls is heterosexual sex with a woman

Online Survey reveals that 1 in 4 girls would ready to bed with a woman We set these neighbouring above? Do you think your co-worker this seduciendote or behaves in an unusual way?

Every time you fall in love is always a hetero? Well friend of mine lost because not everything is according to a new survey by the popular website GaydarGirls one in four admits that girls would have sex with another woman if I had the opportunity.

The 91% of girls surveyed stated openly heterosexual, but 26% admitted or have sexual fantasies with other girls or that if they could go to bed with. (but not want to say that they like eh? That if the moment of truth is that only 7% had an encore to a lesbian.

So you can encourage a bit in case any of you stuck heterosexualandia country?

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