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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jennifer in Japan

Hi girls, who are our story, Jennifer Beals visited Japan to promote The L Word: Season 1 on DVD. The sale of DVD's in Japan has brought visibility LGBT in Japanese culture, for the first time.

The L Word has become a sensation in Japan as it has been for us here and everywhere. The Japanese media have given full coverage to this visit, and Jennifer has caused so much sensation (and not as what will cause if it is as much as charming, intelligent, super sexy and beautiful...... good stop drooling and continue with the news, I'm sorry that I was going head). as I said the Jennifer visit was so successful that other members of the cast have been invited for the disposal of seasons 2, 3 and 4 on DVD in the coming months.

In Japan, Jenny was interviewed by at least 50 members of the press, television, magazines and radio, during the three days you were in Japan, seen as Jennifer had a very busy commitments and despite everything never lost his beautiful smile.

A Japanese journalist who founded the first lesbian portal in Japan was responsible for interviewing Jennifer (who have some luckyyyy) Yuki tells us that in Japan, despite recent advances in the LGBT community, lesbians have almost no visibility nor is there a single lesbian across the Japanese entertainment industry.

Hence, Jennifer's visit was historic and highly significant for the lesbian community in Japan. Yuki invited Jennifer to know and stroll through the gay district of Tokyo, as well as the club most famous lesbians in Japan, KINSWOMYN.

With their willingness to demonstrate their support for lesbians, and despite the short time that she had used his precious free time to go to the gay area of Tokyo, Jenny loved the idea, then met with fans of The L Word , Signed many autographs, including promotional poster now hangs in the club and I went very well. Here are sucedío describe what exactly that day:

On Friday, February 1, Jennifer visited KINSWOMYN as a surprise guest, and as you can imagine, the inhabitants of our planet behind the rainbow who were there at that time could not give credence to what they saw his eyes, all without She stares move as a state of shock when she walked smiling, greeting heading to the bar. some could not articulate speech, other babbling something like Jenni ... Bette .... this is Bette? , Also did not see you?

If Bette, main character of The L Word was right in front of us! Jenny entered the bar, dressed in a bright purple jacket and surrounded by an aura worthy of an actress, all greeted with joy.

All the lesbians, were left breathless and watched as she took her place in the centre locally. The crowd woke up and was full of enthusiasm when it began to sound the theme song of L Word. It was like a dream for all.

Here we interview you had to Jennifer Beals on aspects of the series and their views on the role it plays in the LGBT community.

What has been the most exciting aspect of being in the show?

I would say that all the friends I've done. Moreover, how the show has changed people's lives all these letters I get from people about how they were able to leave the cabinet and how they were inspired by the show really excited me.

I am very proud to be part of this series. I have read that at the beginning you are asked to choose between the role of Bette and Tina. Could you tell us why you chose Bette?

In the pilot, Bette show being so strong and self-confident, but behind all that appearance, he acknowledged that was a bit insecure. For me, it is interesting play between these two ways of being that has the look you want and that feels really. And I really like the way the character has evolved, I think it is really interesting.

In addition, you requested to Ilene that your character is Biracial, and she accepted. Yes, Bette was not originally a character Biracial.

When I met first with Ilene, she spoke to me about how to write the pilot and left this need to represent their community, as Ilene is gay and she never saw herself truly represented in pop culture. So at the meeting, I asked him whether it would be possible if Bette could be Biracial, because for the same reason, I had never seen me in any way represented in popular culture than as a character crazy or obsessive.

It's similar to how lesbians are represented in pop culture you know, as is usually the murderer in the series, the psycho who is trying to change a girl to a hetero a gay. I did not expect Ilene take into consideration my request so quickly, but she has been very kind. She has an open-door policy with all stakeholders to discuss our ideas and concerns about the characters and the show.

I have read the speech he wrote for the premiere of the series and on this subject, and indeed I found it very emotional.

Oh, thank you! . It was really an incredible experience to write this speech. It took me a long time writing it, and give the speech was an incredible moment for me.

The gay community has often commented that you are so convincing as a lesbian, that call into question your sexual preference.

I know! People thought I was gay, and was so enthusiastic about that idea. I was like, "Yes! What I have done a good job! (Laughter)". I thought it was a great compliment. On the screen, actresses seem to be very good.

What other actresses are closest to you?

Yes, yes! you know that depends… Marlee Matlin because it makes us know mcuhos time so we get along very well. also with Pam, and Mia a bit, generally with all took me very well.

You also takes photos of actresses. I saw the photos published in a recent issue of Advocate, and are great.

Thank you! Sometimes I have little free time but when I got it together and we are without recording bring my camera. I and photos. It's just for us, somehow, to document our time together like those snapshots more, to remember certain times.

Apart from Bette and Tina, who is your favorite couple?

I think Dana and Alice. There were a couple really sweet. And I always wanted Bette having an affair with Ivan, but Ilene, said it was an idea insane. I too believe that is insane, but I had a crush with Ivan! She looks like Johnny Depp, who is so cute (laughs).

Have you changed your image of gays and lesbians from those in this series?

Hmm… not really. I always had gay or lesbian friends, so it was not as if I was astonished way. But I must say that, by doing this show, I have become much more aware of the issues that I was not aware before. For example, I did not know that homosexuals were not included in the laws of hate crimes.

To me, that is unconstitutional. I am now more aware of the inequalities in my society, and are unacceptable. However, I believe that The L Word will help change this vision if only a little. I would be very proud of that.

This was the visit of our Jennifer Beals in Japan. Then I leave them with media coverage and interviews

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