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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Queen Latifah comes out of the closet

With the wave of departures lately many of the cabinet are already famous and actresses who dare to do so, Queen Latifah is another of those American artists who dares to the closet and commit to his girlfriend.

This great actress, with the risk that you or it will be moved without stopping until the tears, also a queen of hip hop recently, very recently, daring to the closet.

According to the newspaper, the artist would have ceased to see in their small village where she resides, accompanied by his girlfriend and personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, which would have compromised and could be about to marry. Apparently, the couple would be waiting for Queen Latifah stopped promoting his latest film to announce their commitment to marriage.

In this way, would be fully confirmed the departure of the cabinet of the artist.

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