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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The song Pepa and Silvia already has a name

At the end, we know it is called and who sings the song most wanted in the network in recent weeks, knew the song Silvia & Pepa, and since Sali in the series most of the inhabitants of our LesPlanet by searching every corner, was the subject of discussion forums, and there was not anything with it ... until now thanks to extensive investigations of c-Ichi boxgirl, the song already has a name is called: "My soul Ghost" (or "My soul Phantom" in Spanish), and the author of this song is the English Dana Kerstein, the song can not even bought yet because part of a disc.

Dana, has been in London since the age of three, graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama and live their concerts and recording sessions, to be spent directly authorsing. Throughout his career he has collaborated with the British music scene.

His songs have been framework for Documentary, Film, Theatre and ads. (And series as we know) Is currently working on her new album. That looked forward. If you would like to know more about her visit your address MySpace

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