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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The new girlfriend Jodie Foster

Many drawn to Cynthia Mort as the cause of Jodie Foster and Bernard Cidney have ended a relationship of 14 years. The Enquirer, a popular Hollywood gossip magazine, says that Foster had an affair with Cynthia Mort, a producer and screenwriter on the set while filming shooting The Brave One, in 2007.

The affair between Foster and Mort continued since then and eventually caused the breakdown in the relationship with Bernard Foster. "Although she and Bernard remain live under one roof at this time, the relationship is shattered," said a source in the Enquirer. "They are going to continue being to raise children together (Charlie and Kit, the sons of Jodie), and try to maintain a family unit despite their break.
But love is lost. Cindy Mort for his part had a stable relationship with Melanie Mayron with which also had two sons.
Here Jodi Cidney Bernard with his ex-

And here with his girlfriend Cynthia Mort current

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