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Thursday, June 12, 2008

As Carmen affection and death of Dana to Shane


Hi, dear people of LesPlanet recall the 3 rd season L Word? That in our Shane finally had a stable relationship with Carmen, Alice doing follies to forget Dana and suffering because she was with Lara? After Ilene decided to end the story pink and left us a Carmen planted on the altar and Dana lost his fight before a breast cancer.

This not only affects us the followers of the series, also actresses suffered mainly by the death of Dana.
Here we have an interview it did to Kate in "Entertainment Weekly" in 2006 and which was published the day after the last episode of the third season, spoke of the series, Carmen, scenes, Dana, how he learned at that season and Dana died of his reaction to know ... not lose the

Entertainment Weekly: This is really the end for Shane and Carmen?

Katherine Moennig: Shane and Carmen never had a "breakup" in the end. There was a great fight - nothing. Sarah has been chosen for a new comedy called Teachers, but I hope she returns to make a few more episodes just to give some kind of closure to their relationship.

EW: How do you feel about the evolution of Shane, starting as a Playgirl to be almost a newly married?

KM: I think that would have been a little boring interpret the same stereotype of person season after season, so I was happy to show a different side of it, no matter whether people like it or not.

EW: Where would you like to finish Shane?

KM: I love Shane. I would like to see her answering many questions she has been taking during the past three seasons: Why infidelity, "Why fear? His father appeared at the end of the third season, so I would like to explore their relationship. I also think that Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Shane have a strong friendship that really has not been considered, and I want to show that.

EW: We would like Shane falls in love again?

KM: I do not know if they really wish to see it in another relationship, at least not right away. And if she is going to be in a relationship with someone has to be really spectacular, because Carmen - from the viewpoint of the audience - was fantastic. It will be a void difficult to fill.

EW: What happened to the old love of Shane, Cherie Jaffe (Rosanna Arquette)?

KM: She can return. I do not know if it is a fact, but it would be nice if she do so. It would be good for the drama of television.

EW: How was recording a scene of sex with Rosanna Arquette in the pool house of beach Cherie Jaffe?

KM: It was actually very cold that night and the water was very hot, so it felt like needles into the skin when you beat the air to leave the water. Should do, are things that have to do a love scene.

EW: Of all the love scenes in which has appeared on The L Word, which has been your favorite?

KM: In the second season, Sarah and I did a scene in the third episode where she comes to my room and gives Shane a few beers, and we were playing a game - I think it (called) 'Too Hot' or something so -- and in the end, Shane was like''I can not do this''and does what it does normally Shane gets up and goes. That was fun to interpret, not only because it was a scene of sex, but neither was not one of gender. This is real life, not just sex. But my favorite love scene in which I have not taken part was that of Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Dana (Erin Daniels) in the second season - the entire assembly when they finally are together. They were mad at all positions and with that great song by CeCe Peniston [ "Finally"] background. I thought that was great.

EW: Speaking of Dana, at the end of the episode in which dies in the third season, there was a clip of interviews with the cast and creators in speaking of his departure the show, and you saw very annoying.

KM: I was very sad about his departure. Before shooting each season, we have meetings with [creator / executive producer] Ilene Chaiken to get an idea of how you will go all season. Erin and I are very good friends, so when she called and told me that Dana would have breast cancer, I remember having commented, "It is fantastic for you interpret it.'s Going to be very fun" And then Erin said, "Dana dies" I answer, "but it's going to be fantastic because you have a scene of death" that's when I stopped, like, "wait, what?! Your these joking!" and she said, "No, that's what happens."

EW: As has affected the dynamics of the cast progress Erin Daniels of the show?

KM: It was hard. I think Erin is very important for the show. I do not know if the dynamics will be different next season because we have not yet begun to burn, but it certainly feels that something is missing. I do not know if someone at some point really is going to replace that void, because Erin was in the show from the first day. It will be interesting to see how will the new season because I think we are attracting more people.

EW: Now that you identify with both Shane, think it will be difficult to distance itself from it while you advance in your career?

KM: That seems to be the problem with television, is not it? When someone manages to be linked to a character on television, it is very hard to break that mold and go doing more things. I think it will not be an easy road when The L Word finished, but I will do everything in my power during my time off to do other things to show another side of me. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to make this role [refers to its role in the play The Guardians] because this far from Shane.

EW: The more you want it to The L Word run?

KM: I do not think that this is a question for me because it is natural that the actors play the same role for 10 years, so I surprised all actors such as' Law & Order '. I think it's more a question for the audience - depends on their level of tolerance towards these characters, not mine, because these characters have done some things really mad.

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