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Thursday, June 12, 2008

You know that is Earthling?

Hi dear people of LesPlanet knew that?

At the beginning of everything, for the years 2003, the draft Ilene Chaiken was going to call "Earthlings". And wonder why that title? therefore because in California between lesbians to identify with each other using the phrase "you're earthlings ?" "You are our planet?" . (so that this beautiful behind arcoiris, our LesPlanet).
Hence the coffee now is Kit, before Navy, called The Planet.
In putting the title in the series, it appeared that the explanation was a little complicated as it would be more understandable for lesbians from California and was chosen by which all know from "The L Word", this phrase has been used as an alias for lesbians at least since 1981 when the book appeared in "My Blue Heaven" (a comedy in two acts) by Jane Chambers and a character ask "You're really ....? The L word? Oh God !, I had never met one before. " (referring to whether there was lesbian).

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