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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mia Kirshner and Heather Graham in Miss Conception

On June 6 is the date of the official U.S. premiere of the latest film he has shot Mia Kirshner, because in some countries like Germany and France have already been released.

Is a comedy director's Eryc Styles, cointerpretada by Heather Graham and Tom Ellis.

The story is about Georgina Scott (Heather Graham), a woman 33 years wanting to have a child who has a boyfriend Zak (Tom Ellis) who does not share the same desire.

Georgina discovers that her family propensity for early menopause and goes to the specialist company his reluctant friend Clem (Mia Kirshner), Jenny Schecter of our L Word.

Upon learning that day to engender a child are numbered and that his next term will be the last Georgina with the help of Clem and his friend Justin have a task to achieve the ideal father within a month. Develop a plan perfect but their escapades are increasingly desperate and decided to explore Georgina donor sperm on the Internet, customers of night clubs, builders and attending funerals in fun and desperate attempt to beat the menopause.

I leave the trailer of the film so they can take a sample of what we can laugh with Miss Conception, you know girls, a movie ... :)

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