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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wedding announcements ELLEN DEGENERES

The ability of the seduction of DeGeneres is the envy of many lesbians. So much so that seems specializing in the wake of homosexuality actresses apparently heterosexual.

After Anne Heche and Alexandra Hedison, his current girlfriend is actress Portia de Rossi with which he announced that once it has become legal marriage in California were married shortly.
The audience of the show received the news stand and spent a great applause to the couple.

Speaking to the magazine "The Advocate", DeGeneres, 50 years, said being prepared for marriage. "I am delighted with the decision of the California Supreme Court. I can not wait to get married. All deserve the same rights and I believe that someday not to let homosexuals marry will be seen as something as absurd as not allowing women to vote, " She said.

The first to congratulate Ellen and Portia was Justin Timberlake, which is offered to sing at her wedding and even compose a song especially for the wedding.

Here we LesPlanet of a tribute to the couple with a video that we found in youtube that is very good.

thanks for the video Samarita82, good work

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