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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exes & Ohs episode 6 “What Goes Around”

Hi LesPlanet's girls, here we bring you a new chapter in the series exes & OHS in this episode we can see Sam trying to fix the problems herself piping which has its home, and imagine as ends...

Jen has a horrible day since he gets up, gives a blow to the car, is late for an appointment, you get a fine and to make matters worse when it comes to your house, who is?, You'll have to see the episode to find out.

It also appears in the life of a beautiful brunette Jen (Luciana) is going to his house to apologize because he realized that the removal close step of her car. Apparently is the new neighbour, who have to see this new character with Jen?

And we have a new rule:

Rule Number 11: Honesty lightly

Honesty is the best policy, except when the neighboring beautiful this on your door with a bottle of wine. Then soften the truth may be the best option.

In Beevers the Crutch's new fan asks you to tap for his prayer group because their songs are great. A Crutch does not always like the idea but accepts ...

The Krises for their part are prepared for the insemination that will be, the doctor told they must decide who is going to have the child but that is better than Kris is who will try because it is youngest .... finally appears that occurs insemination and everything works well.

Finally to conclude that they are going to be breasts, all remaining Beevers to celebrate, Jen drinking enough and appears the next morning in bed with someone, Who will?

Well girls I leave with you with the episode that I assure you this very entertaining. Enjoy it.

And she answers questions about whether her belly button is really pierced, how to see bloopers, and if Sam's parents were modeled after Dick and Lynn Cheney.

Par 1

Part 2

Part 3

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