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Friday, July 18, 2008


Hi girls, again we bring you another chapter over the couple Lohan - Ronson.

! As if Lindsay Lohan does not have sufficient with their own legal problems to be tackled to continue being dragged to court by other problems such as Samantha Ronson.

E! News has confirmed that Lohan was the subject of an attempt to deliver a subpoena in Los Angeles in September his new film, "Labor Pains", according to an eyewitness.

"She refused to take the roles, and his bodyguard him remove his hand to Mr and these roles fell to the ground."

For relief of their sentences, the demand was not directed at Lindsay Lohan, but that was presented against Ronson by former attorney Martin Garbus, who is suing Ronson by mishandling of his case against Perez Hilton.

Garbus, who refused to comment on the subpoena on E! News, represent Ronson for defamation against the blogger. It turns out that Ronson sued the Blogger and lost the trial taking it to pay expenses that resulted from the same to what Ronson refuses.

The incident took place in the summons shortly after that Lohan reached the plateau on the 10 o'clock in the morning and, as one might imagine, this did nothing to change the morale of the actress. "She was discouraged," said one witness.

She was also, apparently, a staunch defender not to accept the document, allegedly led by a man disguised as a paparazzi.

After refusing to take the roles, and they were left on the ground, Lohan simply way back to her trailer, telling a real paparazzi on this topic that "is not my lawsuit."

There was no immediate comment from representatives of Lohan or Ronson.

There's nothing like a hug and kiss her love to make all things go better. Here we have a video and photos of Samantha Ronson giving support very comforting his beloved Lindsay what will happen after the subpoena on the set of North Hollywood where his new film rolls.

And now the video demonstration of your love, it seems that every time these girls are hiding unless ...

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