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Friday, July 18, 2008

Hi dear people of this wonderful our planet, according to thorough investigations on the shooting of our favorite series The L Word and despite the hermetic that exists to keep us uninformed:), we were able to find out some things to share with you,

Apparently Jodi, participate in the first 3 chapters.

Our Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley) will be in the 8 chapters of the sixth season and not stay with the lover Cindy.

For relief from all this that confirmed Tina (Laurel Holloman) and Bette (Jennifer Beals) continue together.

and remind them that talk of a scene where participating Alice (Leisha Hailey), Tasha (Rose Rollins) and Papi (Janina Gavankar), as part of the scene we see that in the sixth season:

Papi is in the balcony of a house (apparently yours) and arrive Alice and Tasha, Papi salutes indifferent, and Tasha asks from below, where they had entered and said that she was there, then Tasha requests her throw keys to enter and what Daddy does and tells enters, and Alice asks I also join me? ... and Papi is shrink shoulder as saying ... because if you want to give me more.

Then .... retaking the previous seasons I do not remember that Alice has done something for Papi to be treated well? something must have happened now so that Papi has not believe that reaction?

And finally seems already has recorded the episode number 2 where they have used among others the following extras:

Ep. 602: Least Likely (Possible title of the episode)


1. A doctor

2. A colleague (a dean or professor?)

3 .- An expert in Art

4 .- A waitress

5 .- A Receptionist

6. A new member (character) in the environment for girls.

As we have investigated by the forums speculation, obvious to find a place for these extras would be:

Jodi possibly leave his post at the University and Bette have to find a replacement for her (or it will be the new / or colleague Bette). She hara interviews, but before hiring, consult with an / a specialist in art that is known / or his experience in this field.

Helena has taken over the planet and needs a new waitress, to help Cindy and having more experience.

Who needs the receptionist? Shane? Anyone?

And why a new member of the girls environment? Someone has left the study? It is a new member of the entourage of Adell or Nikki?

It will burn and the episode number 3 in the sixth season, we will inform you.

Followed closely ...

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