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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, as here what was promised is fulfilled, I bring the first chapter of Pepa and Silvia.

Each week will feature a summary of this story that has captivated us all, from its inception until the end of this season.

In this chapter we will see how everything starts, the arrival of Pepa to San Antonio, the reaction of his brother Paco, the first encounter with Silvia and the problems that drag the past.

I hope to enjoy the video that this fact to all of you and leave their comments, which are very important for us, they are grateful.

Well girls, i leave with the Pepa and Silvia

6 comentarios:

Thanks for the compilation of subtitles scenes. I've been wondering what was said at the dinner table.

I really wish that they would do a flash back to the time when Pepa y Silvia were 18 and they were making out in front of everyone. Now, that would be a scene to die for.

We are glad that you like the videos, and finally know what was said at the dinner, why put all wanted since he started to understand this love story.
It is true that it would be great to see such a scene when Pepa and Silvia had 18 years and give the first kiss, but sadly that scene was never filmed :(
I hope you'll continue watching the episodes of Pepa and Silvia, the following will leave on Thursday.
Kisses :)

I love this show. I have been watching it from videos from the PepaYSilvia forum, but since my Spanish language skills are rudimentary, it is difficult to get the entire "picture" per se of what they are communicating. I know Pepa is gorgeous, but I can't get over Slyvia. Her smile just melts me. Can you translate the scene where Slyvia tells JoseLuis about how Pepa gives her goosebumps? Muchos Gracias!!

thank you very much for your comment, as you know every Thursday will be one episode with the history of papa and silvia from beginning to end of the season and the scene you described is also subtitled in one episode which will each week

OK!! That sounds wonderful. I can't wait for Thursday. Muchas Gracias!

This is great! Thanks for posting! Do you post all the scenes in one episode with Pepa or Silvia in it? Or just some of them?