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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paco's Women...

Hi LesPlanet's girls, we present a series Spanish, called "Los Hombres de Paco" which is broadcast by the television channel Antena 3 and has adventures and police cases of a group of police led by Paco, in a style that mixture, action, comedy and drama.

This series has been issued 5 seasons and in the latter we have taken a very pleasant surprise, because they have included a love story between two of the protagonists that is what they are going to tell here in LesPlanet, issued a summary since the beginning of this great love story until the end of the season.

The characters in this story are Pepa and Silvia.

The story to put them into a little background history:

This story takes place in Madrid in the neighborhood of San Antonio.

MÂȘ Jose Miranda better known as Pepa is the sister of Paco, she is a lesbian, secret police agent and lives in Seville, appears on the Commissioner of San Antonio where she works because her brother came following a case that investigated in this police station too. Pepa and his brother were a bit away from several years by an event that happened in the past, also Sara's receives God’s presence .

Silvia Castro, is Forensic Inspector of the police station of San Antonio where his Father Don Lorenzo Castro is the commissioner, is also sister-in-law of Paco because this is married with her older sister Lola.

Silvia is heterosexual and has had over the 5 romances several seasons but none has worked, even has been married to a police officer but only lasted one year and then divorced him.

Pepa and Silvia already knew in advance for their married brothers carry more than 18 years, but did many years that were not due to the incident which caused Pepa will remain close to Madrid.

What happened was that in the communion of the niece of Pepa and Paco daughter, Sara, was released Pepa (was 18) dressed in Punky, with with her stockings broken, with her breasts almost outand also smoking joint, it seems that Silvia was also smoke a joint and She was dancing in the celebration was kissed. This caused a big scandal and even was the trigger for the parents of Paco and Pepa were separated. Paco blame to Pepa for many years.
with her stockings broken, with her breasts almost out
From that Pepa back to San Antonio takes up the story and I'll abstracts of the chapters weekly.

Now we leave them with a presentation of the main characters in this story.

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