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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet Silvia...

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet this time we must know a little more than the other star of the love story that has revolutionized in Spain, Marian Aguilera talk about in our most colorful planet known as "Silvia" redhaired.

Born 31 years ago in a village in Barcelona Montgat, leads in the profession since childhood.
She made his debut in advertising, with an announcement from Rockstar Barbie.

Her first film was ""El largo invierno" (The log winter) (Jaime Camino, 1991), when she was only 10 years.

Her face was all over the world when the fire took up the Olympic beach Empúries during the Barcelona Games: "It was a magical experience, I was not aware until long after" tells us the redhaired.

The list of works of this beautiful actress Barcelona is very long, to mention a few titles:

""La ciudad de los Prodigios" (The city of wonders) by Mario Camus,

"Tuno Negro" (Tun Black )

"Tanger" (Tanger) , or the latest "Huellas que devuelve el mar". (Footprints that returns the sea).

In the world of television we have seen in:

"Al salir de Clase" (Leaving Class), "Paraiso" (Paradise), "Esencia de Poder" (Essence of Power), "Codigo Fuego" (Fire Code), or "El Inquilino" (The Tenant) this together with Jorge Sanz or Pilar Bardem .

We can also see it in the music video for "El Alma al aire" (The soul into the air), Alejandro Sanz.

Among her personal interests we emphasize that our "Silvia" loves cheese, Italian food, sea,
travel by car too (co-pilot, no leads) and with good music.

She likes movies Lars von Trier: "Rather more than like me, impressed me" confesses Marian Aguilera and Las of Emir Kusturica, the soundtracks of Goran Bregovic and of course fashion, always informed of the latest trends.

At the time of escape and lost a bit of stress loves The Canary Islands and of course his hometown, Barcelona.

Among her favorite actors highlights Victoria Abril, Javier Bardem and William Dafoe.

She anything like snails, nor cold, neither aircraft. "The speed, nerves, anxiety, I am very nervous I feel fatal" tells us that not angry with ease.

Date of birth: March 12, 1977

Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain

Full name: Marián Aguilera Perez

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Good girls already know a little more than Marian Aguilera.

4 comentarios:

Does she have a boyfriend? I've read a lot of articles and there is no mention of one. NADA.


hello, as if Marian Sanchez, "Silvia" boyfriend has for 10 years, this boy born in 1972,is a model and is called Mauricio Chiandussi

excuse me for the mistake in the name of the actress the real name is Marian Aguilera Perez.

HOw do u know that boy is marian boyfriend?thx