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Monday, July 14, 2008

Hi girls, want to see that there are cameras behind the L Word and what is doing in Vancouver?

Here we bring to you what you do not have to move your screen and travel to Vancouver.

Cassie Pappas of Ourchart teaches us in this video, the office of Illene Chaiken, shows us Rose Troche and other writers preparing the second episode of the sixth season, set recording of L Word, in which we can not enter while they're recording, but after recording can visit in particular, the home of Bette and Tina, who is one of the locations that have left more in the series and where most things have happened, for example the famous cachet de Tina to when Bette full of deceit, the many nights of passion and sex in the bed of this house ..., the pool, we can say that pool, has seen everything and almost all ... that memories ....

I hope you enjoy it and enjoy it, because there is still a long time so we can enjoy the sixth and final season of our favorite series.

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