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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Virtual World "L Word" works ....

Girls, if this is good, now we will have L Word in a parallel world where digital assured that all will be many times ...

If last season Showtime surprised us with the launch of OurChart, this season seems that we will have another web application linked to the series.

The Virtual Electric Sheep is creating "The L Word virtual world," begins next month and test launches with the world premiere of the new L Word season in early 2009. This virtual world will be the first to use Electric Sheep's new WebFlock based on a solution that eliminates the lengthy downloads and other technological barriers that have prevented some virtual worlds attract the mass market.

The L Word is very successful in the portal of Second Life and Showtime wanted to recoup this by creating a world itself, but with the improvement of eliminating the need to download a program, and to reach a wider audience.

In this' digital world 'will be able to see the chapters in the series, have invited famous, birthday parties, various events… that is something like ourchart but much more dynamic, fun and where we can all participate.

Showtime has been thinking about expanding the mark of the series and has therefore looking for ways to recoup the experience, although they have always seen the virtual worlds only as a promotional tool.

I am looking forward to the output of this virtual world for Cole in him and see that it is lived there with our favorite virtual, but real lack of will have to settle for living our dream in a virtual matrix so kind ...

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