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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ellen and Portia not sell photos of their wedding

While most celebrities will be rubbing their hands thinking of the very important sum of money that could benefit from the photos of the first lesbian wedding of Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres does not want to know the subject.

Ellen is known for being one of the few celebrities who do not accept money from the gossip magazines in exchange for exclusive, and this time is not going to be different.

Ellen distributed a good number of photographs of their wedding, totally free, all media wishing to do so. With his wedding, Ellen wants to get maximum publicity and to promote the normalization of gay marriage.

Some skeptics also expressed their fear of what might happen if, in the not too distant future Ellen ends with Portia. "Ellen, in the past, has had a habit of replacing their partners when they are older and Portia no longer looks so young," wrote one commentator in an entertainment tabloid. "If the marriage (Ellen) would be devastating collapses for the gay community, "added the same commentator.

But hopefully this will not happen, and that Ellen and Portia are always happy and stay together, age and a side by side.

The problem is that by not giving any exclusive, certainly not get any cover. The truth is that Ellen and Portia, with its totally open attitude regarding their relationship and lesbianism, thanks to its privileged position, are doing more for the visibility that many activists.

Thanks Ellen.

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