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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hi girls, here I bring the third chapter of exes & OHS subtitled , this episode is called Cutthroat.

Jen and Sam talk about sex and realaciones in Bowling, Jen does not know how you can make one for having sex with someone you do not know, without getting involved with that person, as a protege in sentimental terms, the answer is that Sam only protection for her son condoms and Jen could not be like those girls who have sex only, Jen said that she did not underestimate may be stronger than it looks and Sam weaker than what appears. Sam that this is flirting with someone as a competitive sport and that there are many rivals with more experience and better than she did.

Jen feels challenge and are betting that a girl who is playing billiards (which is very well and that all birds of prey to hunt around) will be yours.

But we will see in that episode of the fact that there is much stretch ...

Meanwhile Cris's playing the best possible team against a rival in bowling and Cruth mixing the musical inspiration and his desire to go out with Emmy, which is not appreciated by his roomates.

While Jen talks with the girl in question is our Rule No. 6: "Pretending, impress" Rule number one to impress a woman is that if you do not have no idea what this is interesting but speaking for her finger! Is Base Jumping? Great! Is Podcasting? All the time!

At the end Sam gets in your way, with some low blows makes the girl stays with her ... where we have Rule Number 7: "The friends come first" girlfriends and lovers come and go. That's why you should never leave a friend in one of them. It is a rule, everybody knows. (and many forget)

More or less so goes the veanla thing and have fun with this chapter suggests that any future romance between those who once were brides ..... Guess who?

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