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Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, here I leave the second episode of "Sugar Rush" tell us the story that this series is additive, I love, will be hooked to it like me. In the previous chapter we find our protagonist Kim a lesbian teenager moves to the city of Brighton with his family that is somewhat rare. Meet a friend Sugar heterosexual who has headed.

Now in Chapter 2 Sugar Sex and Love:

Let the mother of Kim (Stella) worry about whether her daughter speaks to Nathan Kim (Kim's father) of his infidelity, tries to become friends with her daughter carry her and her friend Sugar to a spa, there seems to be very Sugar friend of Stella, which Kim bothers you a lot and will ...
Sugar leaves behind her and explained that it had become a friend of his mother in order to steal your credit card and so begins revenge, are going shopping and spend the entire card .... clear that whoever takes the benefits of shopping is Sugar and the benefit of revenge Kim.

In the last part of the chapter, kim is determined to be sincere and is back to his mother being unfaithful with the decorator, then enters his father and ..... As for Sugar continues as usual ...

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