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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A lesbian couple has been the first to get married in Los Angeles

Robin Tyler and Diane Olson wore 15 years waiting for the moment. "It consumes the relationship. We could not expect much," Tyler joking few hours before marrying Olson in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles.
At 5 and a minute of yesterday afternoon, Tyler, 66, and Olson, 54, were planning to make history. Both are the first women to marry legally in California, one month after the Supreme Court of this state, the most populous U.S. legalize same-sex marriages.

They were two of the main plaintiffs in the case that the Court of California ruled last month in favour of his request: lift the ban on same-sex marriages in the state.

The marriage of the couple comes four years after they were denied marriage license in the same Court Valentine's Day 2004, a decision that sparked his historic legal action.

In California already legalized civil unions, and in practice, differences are minimal to marriage. "Why should we abandon the word marriage?" Says Tyler. "The word is universally understood" the official bond of a love affair, for his part said Olson.

In terms of marriage between same-sex couples, "equality is not giving us another name for our relations (as figure legal 'domestic society'), give us the same equality is' marriage '," She said.

Women, who met in the 1970's but together carry 15 years, dressing up in costumes Singapore last year, and we do not currently have plans from honeymoon.

Congratulations Robin and Diana
Thank you for your perseverance

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