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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leisha Hailey & Erin Daniels inspire millions of dollars of gift

Susan Love Research Foundation receives $ 1 million donation in honor of the stars of "The L Word" Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey

An anonymous donor has donated a $ 1 million to the Susan Love Research Foundation in honor of Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey, two of the stars of the successful Showtime series "The L Word" for realism and truth that brought a history of breast cancer that ended with the death of Erin Daniels' Dana Fairbanks. This is the largest private donation ever made to the Foundation.

"The donor, who has chosen to remain anonymous, wanted to honor actresses for having lent his image to show how to cope with the tragic consequence of breast cancer," says Naz Foundation Executive Director Sykes. "Ultimately, it decided that the best way to do this is to give a generous donation that would help us to advance the work we are doing to put an end to breast cancer in our lives."

The U.S. $ 1 million donation will be used to establish the fund Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey for breast cancer.

To all this Erin Daniels said:

"There are very few times in the life of a woman who feels that she has had the good fortune of being part of something that will change the lives", "This is one of those times. I am overwhelmed that my image in the history of Dana has inspired such an act of kindness and generosity, and I am delighted to be part of it. "

"It's an honor to our history of breast cancer has touched someone in such a way that has been so generous to donate to the cause of this tragic disease," Hailey said, "I am overwhelmed by the gesture and inspires me to act according to my conscience and give more of myself. "

The Susan Love Research Foundation is dedicated to preventing and eradicating breast cancer and improve the quality of women's health through innovative research, education and advocacy.

When Erin Daniels' Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer was 32 years and was tennis star. His story lets viewers know the lives of many "Danas" that in real life, have heard the words "You have breast cancer."

"I am honored to say that the story of Dana," Daniels said "despite its sad and tragic end, it is no less inspiring. As Dana, I spoke with many women who are fighting breast cancer every day, and who survive with fierce determination, courage, hope. These women inspire me. And by that time, I am grateful. "

Although many fans of "The L Word" were impressed with the way it was decided to tackle this difficult topic such as breast cancer, some were angered by the story that resulted in the death of Dana. In blogs and websites, many discussed their frustration that the series has elected to a beloved character who dies of breast cancer rather than illustrate how many women survive and thrive after a diagnosis of breast cancer. Others were identified with Alice, because she had lost her best friend and former lover.

To make a donation to The Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey Fund for breast cancer or to learn more about the Susan Love Research Foundation, visit http://www.dslrf.org/

Here are leaving a personal tribute to the unforgettable Dana Fairbanks:

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