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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Homophobia yourself

Hi girls today want to talk about something negative that affects us all in varying degrees: We know that there is homophobia, that rejection absurdity that exists in society and those who fear what is different, but there is also homophobia staff how or even more serious than the other, because it comes from others if not for yourself.

And worst of all is that trying to live with her convince to ourselves that it is not homophobia. Well, unfortunately I must tell you that it is.

Homophobia or internal staff does not mean you discard yourself for being lesbian, is present in subtle aspects in personal actions, in our everyday life in our behavior before the world, in our reactions, live with it in our own house in our own family, our partner in our lives and how to interact with people we want.

To give an example because we feel guilty constantly by our sexual orientation. Why when answering the phone and it's your girlfriend, you can not express affectionately, or with a despedirte i love you, when those in front of your parents even though they are aware of your relationship? Not to disturb? Because sometimes we feel or believe that people makes us a favour by wanting despite being lesbians? Because when we are with our younger siblings, nephews, sons, or a family reunion we want to kiss our girlfriend or never taken by the hand we do? and we just smile? Do you think any other heterosexual couple has the same constraints that you and takes the same precautions? The answer is NO.

In both want to fit into the "normal" and not "annoy" accept the daily details as to when they relate to your partner is always as "your friend" or "that girl" despite having been told that's your girlfriend, because to treat them well is a way to belittle your relationship or ignore the question that her daughter is a lesbian. but we still know what we accept. In my personal experience when my girlfriend at home we talk about family relations, never fit into any of its prototypes regardless take several years living together and knowing all our relationship. Always refer to couples of his brothers as brothers-in-law or daughters-in-law, on my only call me by my name or as a friend of his daughter.

And let us all this because we are not pretending to be those who, first and foremost the world, we try everything we accept the world to us and our life as if what we were something less important than the other lives or heterosexual couples. We must begin to accept ourselves and fight for our lives that is as worthy as anyone else.

Nobody has to tolerate, let alone ourselves. If you have already left the cabinet do not allow people to try to put us back to pushing, we must defend our lives as it is and not hide it. Do not let anybody make you feel guilty or embarrassed by your sexual orientation.

Your relationship and your life should not bother anyone, that one has to have clear, express love to your partner or your feelings in front of people is not bad, is the norm, no longer think that someone annoying, is that annoying to you see a heterosexual couple of hand? or someone bothers you?, we know well and the answer is NO, but if your same embarrass you to express what they feel in public you can not ask others to accept yourself something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

When you want someone who will not accept or simply ignore your situation, you do not despondency prejudices are sometimes stronger than that person's feelings towards you. What you should never do is try to hide or change that this person happy. Accepts as they are and quierelos nevertheless Your demonstrate to their that if you accept them with all their prejudices and even though they do not respect or do not accept your life.

Never change or limit yourself or forget to express your feelings by pleasant for you because they do not. We must remember that we want to ourselves as we are to ensure that some day people with prejudices do not respect us and accept as we are.

Live your life freely, we are Lesbians, it is true ... and with great pride, that does not make us different. Think about it.

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