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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lindsay Lohan is still unseparated from Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson remain unseparated since they left the photos of both kissing in Cannes last month. After seeing them at several festivals, outings, and other public appearances, now Samantha also accompanies Lindsay to work.

Lately Samantha has been frequent guest on the set of Lindsay during the filming of his latest film "Labor Pains" which was recorded in L.A. The couple also went to lunch with British singer Lily Allen in West Hollywood's Il Sole.

Allen spoke in his blog on the dinner: "I returned to the hotel on 7 and I went to directly to dinner with my number one fan and avid reader of my blog Samantha Ronson, we went to this restaurant called Il Sole, the food was incredible. I taste the truffle, we spent a great evening. Samantha had brought to the restaurant to his famous friend (.. and girlfriend, Lindsey Lohan) and with it nearly 50 million paparazzi. "

The two were together during the interval of the film, but Lilo (Lindsay) Samantha enjoined to attend this tape recordings of director Laura Shapiro, allegedly because he feared losing concentration.

For more than a month must be said that the actress has something more than a friendship with Ronson, say that only because she feels safe. At one point, Lohan, even put her hand in the back pocket of Ronson - a gesture normally reserved for intimate couples. Well neither they nor anyone else has confirmed rumors of homosexuality, but they see them very happy together, (sometimes too many words ....).

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