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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hello dear people of lesPlanet in this opportunity and if someone is lost to them my most recent interview that you have done to our beloved and the most beautiful and unrivalled Jennifer Beals, this is an interview that Ileana Rudolph did to TV Guide for the month past 2008.

In its fifth season, the L word we had new loves, new characters, lust, guns, betrayal, deception, not to mention that one was behind bars, one-awaited reconciliation, doubts, and the chronicle of the film on the Jenny lives of our girls in Los Angeles.

We spoke with Jennifer Beals (the love from Flasdance) who embodies the starched although ingeniously sensual dean of the School of Art Bette Porter, about the romantic dilemma of his character.

TV Guide: What do you think that you were the major themes of the L word this season?

Jennifer Beals: For my character, loyalty and truthfulness.

TVG: What is the problem, you're lucky because Bette tinen two lovers? Jodi (Marlee Matlin), and secretly; Tina (Laurel Holloman) the mother of his daughter. As it is carried out?

JB: I do not believe that Bette believes that she is fortunate. She does not want to hurt the feelings of others, but that's not very useful if you're the other person. It becomes the topic of "How can I take the risk and move from one person to another in a way honored?"

TVG: You know that your fans what they wanted was to come back with Bette Tina?

JB: Of course, if you have no idea. There is an entire movement including a website, TiBette.com.

TVG: That does not sound good for Jodi, right?

JB: All I can say is "poor Jodi." But I love that Bette is terribly flawed.

TVG: Marlee and ye are not your old friends? As affects this, I mean, in your love scenes?

JB: Yes we are. It's really easy to record with it, but we we laughed hysterically every time we have to do love scenes. It's so surreal, but you have to submerge at work pretending.

TVG: Speaking of sex, this is quite a number lust. You have stripped ever, as most other actresses?

JB: No, nudity can imply without actually being naked. That is what I have done.

TVG: You speak of signs and Marlee much during the series. As the master?

JB: Bette knows a lot more than I do, but I do not need an interpreter. My daughter, who has two years, loves to talk with me for signs. This develops much communication to a child.

TVG: Bette always seems quite sad. It will be a happy day?

JB: I do not know. Never had a happy and successful history. But it would be nice to have some really happy times.

TVG: It seems that the shooting is fun with all the actresses. What is the difference with other shows you've done?

JB: There's a lot more treatment and more talk about shoes. "That is what we wear?" Is nearest. (Laughter) And we rely much among all.

TVG: As you have affected this show? It was a concept quite radical and risky.

JB: I think that somehow gives all the cast and everyone is watching what the stimulus of his embrace me more authentic. This affects me personally because I've been in touch with women who have the courage to show their sexuality to the world.

TVG: Like who?

JB: There were two women who came to shoot who had been together for 30 years and had been in the closet all this time. Through seeing the show, they found the courage to leave. This for me was incredibly moving.

TVG: Any time you feel the burden of carrying the mantle of the lesbian community?

JB: I do not feel well, it's important for me as a human being talking about all these things that this community has. I did not pay attention to gay issues before the show, but now I take it more personally, because I see through the eyes of Bette or the many letters from fans that I have received. And the show has definitely had an impact culturally.

TVG: You have a long and varied curriculum. What are some of your most successful projects?

JB: Being part of this show, also Devil in a Blue Dress, A house divided, Twilight of the goals.

TVG: Look to backward with affection or with horror to Flashdance?

JB: Oh no, never with horror. There is a certain nostalgic tenderness. That extraordinary entry into the world of cinema.

TVG: If ever becomes a remake of Flashdance, who would you like to interpret Alex?

JB: Oh, I hope you give it to an unknown.

TVG: In most of these goals?

JB: There was a project that was supposed to work but with the strike, and problems in the middle is not going to happen. Therefore I am doing much point.

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