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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ladies and Young Ladies we present to UH HUH HER

Hi Girls, has long wanted to put tell them about this facet that loves to Leisha Hailey our Alice: the MUSIC.

Before that Leisha Hailey outside our Alice in The L Word, formed a duet called "The Murmurs" with his former companion of school, Heather Grody. During the 90- the band moved to Los Angeles, released several albums and went on tour with Lilith Fair.

His album Blender, includes the collaboration of several musicians and several songs produced by KD Lang, partner of Hailey for several years.

The Murmurs lend their music for the series The L Word, indeed in the soundtrack of the series there is a song of them is called Genius. In 2001, Hailey and Grody changed the name to the Gush band, which lasted until 2005.

Here you have a video of "The Murmurs" the song is called All I Need To Know, you will see that unlike the Leisha we know now to Leisha in their early music.

Leisha currently has formed a new band with Camila Grey, this band was formed in 2007, his name as all we know is this Uh Huh Her is a band electropop of Los Angeles, California.

Uh Huh Her, is formed by Leisha (vocals and guitar) and Camila Grey (vocals, bass, guitar and synthesizer), as discussed above, for those who do not know is Camila singer, producer and instrumentalist.

Both have enough experience within the industry and who have worked with names like Auf der Maur, Dr Dre, Pixies, Frank Black and up with Blur, His first album 'Common Reaction' for sale this 2008. Pride!

Here we see a Uh Huh Her in the video "The interface"

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